Truth in Time and Space

We cannot know this truth [about Jesus Christ] unhistorically or statically, therefore, by seeking to pass behind or beyond His action and life in time to what we may imagine to be the Truth in Himself, for there is no other Truth of God for us than this Truth in life and action who decisively intervenes in our human existence and pours Himself out in love to redeem us from our plight. He is not to be found or known except as he gives Himself to be known in space and time, that is, as He becomes flesh, as He lives His life in time and action on earth for our sake, as He dies upon the Cross for our salvation, and as He rises again from the dead for our justification. The truth of God cannot be separated from the whole historical Jesus Christ, for time, decision, action, history belong to the essential nature of this Truth. Therefore we cannot apprehend or consider the Truth in detachment from relations in space and time without downright falsification.

Thomas F. Torrence, Theological Science (London: OUP, 1969), 208-9.